The different calibres, fabricates, ammunition and telescopes have always been a point of discussion amongst serious hunters.

Noorsveld Safaris recommends for plains game hunting in the Eastern Cape:

  • Any caliber in the .270-.375 range. 
  • Bring a minimum of 50 rounds of premium ammunition per rifle.
  • A good quality scope between 3-9 power is essential.

Important aspects to consider when selecting a rifle for hunting with Noorsveld Safaris:

  • Choose a rifle with which you are confident, comfortable and can accomplish good groupings at the shooting range.
  • Choose a rifle that is not too heavy to carry for walk and stalk purposes.
  • Choose a rifle that doesn't have a bad recoil because it definitely influences one's shooting ability negatively, after a few days of hunting.
  • Practice as often as possible before the hunt commences at a shooting range, from a sitting position and also standing, using a bipod. These two styles are most frequently used when hunting with Noorsveld Safaris.
  • We make use of shooting sticks but it is advisable to practice and familiarise shooting with a rifle in various positions (sitting, prone and off-hand) before your safari. 
  • Use good and clear telescopic sights and quality mount rings on one’s rifle. It is advisable to bring an extra scope.
  • Use a strong shock-resistant rifle case for transporting rifles.
  • Rifles can be hired. Please refer to the trophies and rates page.

Because of the variety of terrains in the Eastern Cape, shooting distances range between 50 - 200 yards (183 – 275 metres). Long range shooting is sometimes required when hunting certain species. It is therefore recommended to practice shooting one’s rifle from tripods (sitting and standing position) at 100 - 350 yards (92 – 320 metres) in order to get an idea of the rifle’s performance as well as the bullet drop on the different distances.

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