Safari Checklist

It is important to wear olive green or dark camo to fit in with the vegetation. This improves one’s chances when stalking animals. Most colouration camouflage clothing works well in the Eastern Cape terrain. Non-hunters are to pack dark khaki or camouflage clothing if they will be joining the hunting party.

If anything is forgotten, the majority of items are freely available in South Africa.



  • three hunting shirts (dark colour)
  • three hunting pants (dark colour)
  • jeans
  • light jacket for hunting
  • warm jacket for evenings outside
  • rain jacket
  • evening and casual wear
  • underwear and socks
  • gloves
  • t-shirts – camo
  • sandals (optional)
  • sneakers / walking shoes
  • well-worn hunting boots


  • pocket knife (remember to put in checked luggage)
  • small flash light
  • ammo pouch
  • range finder
  • binoculars – 10 by 40 is sufficient
  • rifle cleaning kit
  • cap or hat
  • sunglasses
  • enough sunscreen


  • cell phone charger
  • international plug set – 220 volt
  • digital camera
  • DVD recorder
  • disposable camera (optional)
  • alarm clock
  • tick and insect repellent
  • personal medication
  • lip ice, antacid
  • anti-histamine tablets
  • headache tablets
  • toiletries
  • copy of passport

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